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Fashion Show

Fall Winter 2022

In a new light

It is how one looks at things that changes reality, or simply gives it new nuances and possibilities. As ever light and romantic as she is softly grounded, this season Alberta Ferretti observes the feminine wardrobe under a new light, reinterpreting it in enveloping volumes, in a sensual immediacy that is expressed through layering and transparencies, lighting it up in a metallic sparkle that starts in the morning and lasts all day, and gives everything a sidereal glow and tangible preciousness.

Texture and light are the protagonists of a counterpoint that draws an idea of woman rooted in the moment, eccentric in the desire to sparkle at any time, pragmatic in the choice of wearing boots and a wide-brimmed hat and wrapping herself inside the leather perfecto or the velvet intarsia coat. A woman who oozes conscious and soft femininity, dressing herself in faux fur coats and mongolian pelouche-edged capes, impalpable dresses, showing her body through transparencies or hiding beneath the firmness of felted flannels, opting for vibrant pleats or the tactile fullness of sweaters.

It is sweater dressing that captures the sparkling desire for immediacy and ease: long dresses, intarsia pullovers, thick sweaters with lacquered surfaces worn with wide masculine trousers. Ruffle collars bring light to the face, worn with slender jumpsuits, while even trousers shine with embroidery and sequins. The counterpoint of lightweight and full-bodied recurs: outerwear protects and envelopes; impalpable dresses quiver. In the evening everything lights up and lightens even more, whether short or long, sparkling with a sidereal glow.

Finally, shine is a matter of textural and chromatic contrasts: felts, faux fur and opaque wools, and then lurex, raw chiffon, luminous satin in a palette of metallic grays, blacks, camel with touches of amethyst and oxblood.

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Fall Winter 2022