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Prefall 2022

Romanticism, lightness, a decisive softness of manners and spirit define the Alberta Ferretti language, just as much as a certain feminine sturdiness. Being romantic, in fact, is not a way to escape reality, but a filter to look at it and face it.
The protagonist of this collection is a woman who faces the “battlefield” of everyday life with a beret, boots and unmistakable tenderness.

Opposites are reconciled throughout the entire collection, with short and pragmatic silhouettes that alternate with elongated and elegant ones. Utilitarian garments - blousons, field jackets, trench coats, over jackets - are cut in noble fabrics such as compact sustainable wool, pinstripe felt, bouclé wool, nappa leather, and mixed with taffeta dresses and shirts, shorts, overalls.
Tailoring in jacquard silk is vertical and incisive, the lengthening accentuated by flaring trousers worn with pointy slippers.

At night, romanticism takes the lead, shunning decadent languors, in the flowing envers satin tunics that feature rhythmic, see-through laser cut outs, in the long dresses with lace intarsia, and in the structured mikado gowns.
The counterpoint is ultimately a play of textures and colors: the opacity of pinstripe felts, compact wools and plongè nappa is broken by the silky shine of envers satin, taffeta, raw chiffon, technical nylon. The palette mixes black and white with earthy tones of green, brown and dusty pink and accents of mauve, petrol green, red.

Prefall 2022